We at PVA have taken the time to elaborate specific rules and procedures regarding the cleaning of our apartments in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic to make your stay safe and worry free.

We have implemented the following standards for all our cleanings:

▪FFP2-Single Use Gloves.

▪Single-use blouse.

▪Anti-projection glasses for interventions within 3 hours of guest departure or during a stay.

Hospital type treatment in addition to hotel quality cleaning:

▪Use of hospital products.

▪Reinforced cleaning of high contact areas (Treatment of dirty linens/bedding, drawers, door handles, light switches, remote controls, iron switches, hair dryers, dishes, etc...).

▪Everything will be disinfected with a virucide (chemical agent that deactivates or destroys viruses).

▪At least 3 hours after the guest's departure and removal of their belongings, the flat will be entirely disinfected by spraying a hospital-grade product on all surfaces (walls, windows, bedding, cupboards and all contact surfaces).

▪Dirty laundry is treated with the virucide before removal in waterproof bags.

▪Treatment of the bedding (mattress, mattress pad, mattress protector, pillows, duvets, etc.) with a virucide spray.

The virucide nebulization methodology is being setup and will be effective. This equipment allows us to fully disinfect 60M2 in 30 minutes by spraying micro particles forming a fog in the air.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

See you soon in our beautiful city,

The PVA team